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The Meridian 50 Plus Stretch and Flex Exercise group is meeting at the Meridian Mall (Food Court) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 a.m. until Monday April 24.

Starting Monday April 24 the group will meet at the Central Park Pavilion (the old Farmers Market) at 9:00 a.m.

There is no exercise session if Okemos-Haslett schools are closed for weather or any other reason.

Everyone in our exercise group, or anyone 50+ interested in an exercise session designed for seniors, is encouraged to stop by the Meridian Mall (Food Court) or the Central Park Pavilion for an exercise session designed especially for seniors of any age. Wear clothing appropriate for indoor exercise and maintain social distancing.

We are hopeful that everyone has received a Covid-19 vaccination or is scheduled for their booster vaccination soon, so the “herd” will stay healthy!

The Stretch and Flex Exercise Routine for your home use can be accessed HERE

This is a Stretch and Flex workout for people 50 years of age and over.

We Stretch and Flex and Work Out while we have fun!

50 PLUS Group Photo September 19, 2022

50 PLUS Senior Fitness Group 09-19-2022Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Parks and Recreation

The Tuesday November 9th 2021 group lunch at Old Chicago in Okemos MI
(Arrangements by Bob Dz, photos credit, Karen J.)



The October 19, 2021 group lunch at Chili’s in Okemos, MI
(Arrangements by Bob Dz, photos credit, Karen J.)



The September 15, 2021 group lunch at Fiesta Charra in East Lansing
(Arrangements by Bob Dz, photos credit, Karen J.)



The exercise group in the old Farmers Market on October 2, 2020 (photo credit, Noel C.)


The Last days of summer 50 Plus Exercise Group photos (photo credit, Noel C.)

The 2020 Summer Picnic Photos (By Noel C) (Hot Dogs by Bob Dz)
(Click on any photo to get the big picture)

October 21, 2019 Group Photo


October 1, 2018 Group Photo

IMG_3930 101818

Our youngest exerciser

IMG_3933 101818

August 2018 Meridian 50 Plus Birthdays Celebration

The August 2018 birthday celebrants

Cake Envy (When you are 2)

IMG_20180806_093909675 IMG_20180806_094041618
Mom and the birthday boy (our youngest exerciser)

August 2017 Meridian 50 Plus Birthdays Celebration

AugBirthdays2017 1

AugBirthdays2017 2
Photos courtesy of Molly Nevins

Photos from the Meridian 50 Plus picnic in Okemos on July 3rd 2017

Picnic5 070317

Picnic4 070317

Picnic3 070317

Picnic2 070317

Picnic1 070317
Photos courtesy of Noel Copiaco

Photos from the 5o Plus workout group breakfast at Blondie’s Barn in Haslett on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.



October 21, 2016 workout session photos.

 50plusexercisegrp2-1116 50plusexercisegrp5-1116

50plusexercisegrp6-1116 50plusexercisegrp4-1116

50plusexercisegrp3-1116 50plusexercisegrp1-1116

50plusjoyce1116 50plusvic1116


Photos credit: Meridian Township

Photos from the Wednesday July 20, 2016: Group Breakfast at Blondies Barn in Haslett



Group Photo from the September 4, 2015 Workout Session.

50PlusGroup 090415
Photo credit: Darkus Beasley, HOMTV/Meridian Township

Location: Meridian Mall Food Court
Dates:  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday*
Time:  9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
Price:  $1.00 per class
Registration:  Sign up on-site

*NOTE: 50 Plus Workout sessions in the Mall are cancelled if the Mall is closed due to a power outage or other unusual event or if Haslett and Okemos public schools are closed because of inclement weather such as ice/snow accumulation or flooding.

Interesting 50 Plus Tidbits:

Designed especially for older adults, each 50 Plus fitness workout session consists of stretching and flexibility movements involving the major muscle groups throughout your body.

– On site registration at the Food Court in the Mall is available for the 50 Plus program      immediately prior to the start of each session.
– Receive a free 50 Plus T-Shirt when you register for the 50 Plus program.
– Exercise bands are available for purchase by 50 Plus participants for $3.00.

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